Shanhe Software

SHANHE, software and service.

SHANHE CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), based on SHANHE platform, we provide businesses with services such as business opportunity follow-up, transaction promotion, customer management, and order (contract) management.

SHANHE provides secure, stable and intelligent products: Shanhe Sunshine, Shanhe SilverLight. Shanhe software supports independent deployment, integrated AI, and access to the smart SHANHE enterprise AI platform.

Shanhe Sunshine provides practical products: CRM, Doc, HRM, BizCard, QRcode etc.

Shanhe SilverLight provides professional products: EAM, LIMS, MES and etc.

Shanhe Software Simplified Chinese version.


1. Support independent deployment and independent control of data. There are no requirements for the operating environment (ordinary computers, LAN servers, cloud servers, Windows, Linux can be deployed, and can be used when you open a browser).

2. Support data confidential storage. The database cannot be accessed when it is out of the program, and even if the database is copied, it will not be leaked.

3. Data security, robust system, support one-time buyout, lifetime license or annual payment.

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